See You At the Pole

Today is See You At the Pole Day. This was a day that originally started as a small group gathering together to pray for their classmates and now students around the globe are gathering on this day as prayer warriors. The actions of a small group has grown into such a large movement over the years. This can and should be a great encouragement to us all to be bold in our faith.

In so many areas of life, prayer has been removed. It seems that the only time it is seen as being acceptable is when a person is in church or at a funeral, or when there is some tragedy in life. Prayer has been removed from schools, removed from the lives of so many. Society once taught children to pray– to communicate with our Father– and now there is a barrier put up, keeping people from knowing that God is here and listening.

Today is a day for the youth to pray for their classmates, but I encourage you all to be bold in your faith. If you are not quiet about your beliefs, if you show love with actions and with truth, people will take notice. Yes, it’s a big world out there– but you have a big God. One flicker of light may be the only light one person may see in the darkness that surrounds them. Be bold. Shine the Light!

“Dear children, let us not love with words or tongue but with actions and in truth.”

– 1 John 3:18 [NIV]

For more information on See You At the Pole Day, visit the See You At the Pole website, visit their Facebook page, and engage with them on Twitter at seeyouatthepole.

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