Jesus of Nazareth News Broadcast Skit

Jesus of Nazareth News Broadcast Skit

I actually wrote this skit for a college course. This skit can be used to accompany a Children’s Ministry lesson. The skit is a contemporary news broadcast type skit making reference to Jesus. I recommend for it to be used as an opener to a lesson on Jesus or the ministry of Jesus or the start of a series on the Gospels.

Please feel free to download and/or print the skit and the accompanying resource(s) and use for ministry purposes. If you have any comments or questions, do not hesitate to contact. Not for resale.

Characters: Jacob, Mary, Joseph, Josiah, Paul


Jacob: Next up, once again this Jesus of Nazareth has left us all with our jaws wide open

Mary: Yes Jacob, we have been hearing a lot about Jesus. For those of you who didn’t hear the previous reports, we will get you caught up.

Jacob: Jesus was here in Capernaum before, which caused quite a stir among the locals. To the amazement of a crowd, He spoke to a demon, commanding it to leave the body of a possessed man, and astonishingly, the evil spirit listened to that mysterious man……

For the complete skit, follow the download links. Please be aware that the items are stored on Google Drive so you will be transferred.

Download Complete Jesus of Nazareth News Broadcast Skit

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