They Are Your Life

When you consider the phrase “they are your life” you might be able to substitute the word “they” for many different things. Someone might say “spouse” or “kids.” Others might say “career” or “education.” Some people would say “money” or “fitness.” Today’s verse is speaking of words that were spoken—words that were given to the Israelites to obey. With obedience came long life.

We do not like the word “obedience.” It does not always appear to be fun and it is not always easy. It might require going against the grain. It might require losing some friends or having to decline some invitations. It does not always look appealing, yet the commands we are given are ALWAYS given for our benefit. Here the text promises a long life.

Today’s verse applies to us just as it did to the Israelites. The words God has for us – the promises, the commands – they are not empty words. We can build our lives around them and we will “enjoy a long life.” The life we enjoy is an eternal life with Jesus Christ. What a beautiful promise!

“These instructions are not empty words–they are your life! By obeying them you will enjoy a long life in the land you will occupy when you cross the Jordan River.” – Deuteronomy 32:47 [NLT]



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