The Lord Remembered

Hannah was without a child, and that was something most people considered as a punishment from God. Verse 6 even mentions how Peninnah was provoking Hannah because she was childless. Hannah did not lose hope. She poured out her heart to God. To Eli she said, “I have been pouring out my soul before the LORD” (v. 15 NLT).

In verse 19 it says that “the LORD remembered.” The Lord remembered Hannah. He remembered her plea. She eventually bore a son, Samuel, and dedicated him to service to the Lord.

The Lord remembered Hannah and the Lord remembers you too. There are moments when we feel forgotten. Family members, friends, schoolmates, teammates, neighbors, church members, etc. forget us at times. There are moments that can feel very lonely. Just remember that the Lord always remembers. There is not a second that you are forgotten. You are always remembered by the Lord. Always.

 “The entire family got up early the next morning and went to worship the LORD once more. Then they returned home to Ramah. When Elkanah slept with Hannah, the LORD remembered her plea.” – 1 Samuel 1:19 [NLT]


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