Never Stop Loving You

These words we need to consider again and again in our lives. God said that he would never stop loving David and He also said He would never fail to keep His promise to Him. He promised that David’s line would continue forever. He promised always to be with David. He promised to bless David, to protect David, to love David. I could continue with the list.

The bottom line is that God promised many things to David and He is faithful. He also promises many things to us and He is FAITHFUL. In a world when we too often seek out the love of others, in a time when we many times will second guess His promises, God is still faithful. He loves you. He always will keep His promises to you.

Today let us consider this great unfailing love. Let us consider how blessed we are that He NEVER stops loving us. No matter what we do. No matter how we act. No matter who we are. He never stops loving us. His love for us has nothing to do with us and everything to do with who He is. He will NEVER stop loving you. Never.

“But I will never stop loving him nor fail to keep my promise to him.” – Psalm 89:33 [NLT]


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