I think Ebed-melech was someone I would love to have for a neighbor. The Lord rewarded him for trusting him. In Jeremiah 38, we read about how Jeremiah was tossed into a cistern. A lot of the time when we don’t like what we hear, we ignore or turn away. These people tossed Jeremiah into this cistern full of mud. But Ebed-melech spoke up.

Ebed-melech, who was a Cushite and also happened to be an official at the royal palace, approached the king and told him what they had done to the prophet. The king then told him to gather thirty men to lift Jeremiah out from the cistern. He didn’t simply gather the men and pull Jeremiah out from the cistern. He went and hunted for some old rags and old clothing to protect Jeremiah’s arms as he got hoisted up.

It took trust to approach the king about Jeremiah, especially since it was King Zedekiah who allowed the men to toss Jeremiah down in the first place (see Jeremiah 38:5).  Just as Ebed-melech was rewarded with his life for trusting God, so you too can receive life, true eternal life, by trusting in Him.

“Because you trusted me, I will give you your life as a reward. I will rescue you and keep you safe. I, the LORD, have spoken!’” – Jeremiah 39:18 [NLT]


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