Unwatered Garden

I have had a lot of experience with gardening, but even a beginner knows that a garden needs water. If you have a garden you do not water, you will find that the leaves begin to wither and turn brown, eventually dying from lack of care.

In Isaiah 1, we read about the people messing around in the god and goddess gardens. The people were turning their backs on God, and even taking it a step further to select gods and goddesses. As they foolishly stepped away from God, it was made known that they would end up like an oak tree losing its leaves or an unwatered garden.

We get our life from God and to pull away from Him is like being a garden that never gets watered. Little by little, our leaves fall off until there is nothing left. God offers us life, life abundantly. The water is there. He is there. We have a choice, to drink from the well or to drink elsewhere. I pray that you take from the cup that never runs dry.

“You’ll end up like an oak tree
with all its leaves falling off,
Like an unwatered garden,
withered and brown.”

-Isaiah 1:30 [MSG]


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