Actions of God

I’ve been reading in Ezekiel and it is interesting to read all of the actions of God. So often we act as if He is not moving. We even complain as if we have the harder part to fulfill in the relationship between us and God. But the truth is that we aren’t asked to do more than He ever did for us.

In Ezekiel 20, we read that He led, He brought, He gave, He made known, and He gave. He did all of these things so that the people would know Him. Isn’t that awesome?!? It’s something we don’t often grasp. Everything points back to the relationship between man and God. God wants us to know Him. He wants to have a relationship with us. And He has taken the first step, the second step, and many steps that followed those steps.

Today, consider the arms of the Father that are reaching out for you. How are you reacting to those arm? Are you too busy for your Father? Are you missing out on what He offers because you are fixed elsewhere? Do you know little of Who God is because you spend so little time with Him? Examine your relationship. Take a step forward. Sit down today and enjoy His presence, chew upon His Word, and praise His great name!

“So I led them out of the land of Egypt and brought them into the wilderness. I gave them my statutes and made known to them my rules, by which, if a person does them, he shall live. Moreover, I gave them my Sabbaths, as a sign between me and them, that they might know that I am the LORD who sanctifies them.” – Ezekiel 20:10-12

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