Don’t Stop Here: Keep on Building Outline

Don’t Stop Here: Keep On Building (REV FEST)


God made you for greater things, not just good things (John 14:12).

You need to focus on YOU and then you can go out in community & make a mark for Kingdom – THIS IS THE GREATER THINGS PART

Today, let us look at building – allowing the Spirit to build us up, and then going out in the community and continuing the building through Jesus Christ.

  • Promote Personal Building – THE TAKING IN STAGE
    • Abide in Him – Word, Prayer– U abide in Him / He abides in U (John 15)
    • Home Church– Praise/Worship, Bible Study, Fellowship – make a point to attend each week—get invested

Our community has problems with homelessness, with addiction, and so on. I personal know some young people who have died of drug overdose. I personal know people who had promising lives & are now in prison. People are hurting. People are feeling empty. People are reaching for something.

God calls us to shine the Light in Lebanon County and beyond. About 95% of Christians NEVER led a person to Christ. To share Jesus, to shine the Light, first we must CARE. We have to care for the people out in our communities. We have to care for the people in our cities. James 4:17 says if we know the good that we should do and we don’t do it, then it’s a sin. Remember, love God. Love people. And then GO. Go and make disciples.

Non-believers are not the enemy. They are BLINDED BY THE ENEMY. They are people who NEED JESUS. We ALL need Jesus. We were once blinded too.

  • Promote Kingdom Building – THE POURING OUT STAGE
    • Plant Seeds, allow Spirit to grow(1 Corinthians 3) – job isn’t the growing
    • Invest in people– invest time, talent, treasures (Luke 6:38, Luke 12:48)

They weep as they go to plant their seed, but they sing as they return with the harvest. – Psalm 126:6

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