Job’s Lord Outline

2-11-18 Job’s Lord

[Job 38-42]

1. God Comes

            He speaks to us from the storm (38:1)

            Who is this who obscures my counsel with ignorant words? (38:2) – see 42:3 (Job’s answer)

                        Isaiah 55:8 – My thoughts are not your thoughts, My ways not your ways!

2. God Clarifies

            Job never abandoned his integrity or his confidence in God – he didn’t understand

            Job has presumptions – God shows Job his error through questions (what grace!)

3. God Humbles and Comforts

            Job submits to God’s absolute sovereignty (42:1-2)

            Job despises self – repents in dust and ashes (42:4-6)

                        God invited Job to Him – 42:4 – Listen now, I will speak

                                    I heard reports about you – BUT NOW MY EYES HAVE SEEN YOU!

                        Job recognizes human limits

                        Therefore, I’m humbled and I’m comforted in the dust and ashes

                                    The word “repent” is “nacham” which means “comfort self.”

Typical word for “repent” in the Bible is “metanoeó” which means “change my   mind.”

                                    He finds comfort in the ashes because of God

4. God Vindicates

After Job prayed for his friends, the LORD restores his fortunes and doubles his previous possessions (42:10)

Job doesn’t understand God fully but wants to put himself under His control (protection & authority) and serve Him all his life.

He is Job’s LORD!

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