Psalm 39 Bible Study

Read Psalm 39.

Read Psalm 39:1.Why do you think David is silent in the presence of the wicked?

Read Psalm 39:1-4.David guards his ways and his mouth. He is silent. What does he do in verse 4? What does this say about who we should approach first as we live intentionally?

Read Psalm 39:5.David notes that life is fleeting. In this verse he says, “my life span is as nothing to you.” This doesn’t mean that we don’t mean anything to God; He certainly cares for us. What does this mean? Why is this important for us to recognize as we live intentionally?

Read Psalm 39:11.This passage talks about how God disciplines. It says here that God disciplines, “consuming like a moth what is precious to him.” Why does God take what is precious? Why is this so important to our relationship with God and with others?

After reading this Psalm, we are reminded that life is brief. 

How will YOU make the most of it? 

What can you do to embrace? 

What can you do to encourage?

What can you do to equip? 

What can you do to empower? 

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