The verse today directs us to question if we are bold… confident… courageous. The verse says that since we have a hope – again “SINCE we HAVE such a hope,” as a result something is to happen. What is our hope? This passage is speaking about the Holy Spirit. SINCE we have HIM… Since we have the promise of the Holy Spirit within us as believers in Christ, THEN, as a result, “we are very bold.”

The question again is are we bold? It’s one thing to say that “we have such a hope”. It’s very different to live it. It’s very different to believe it, to be bold—to speak with confidence. If the rug is pulled out from under you today, what would your words say? What would your actions say? Are you truly bold? Are you living by the Spirit? Does your life glorify Jesus?

If the answer is no, don’t fret. God has grace upon grace for us. The boldness comes from spending time with Him. Allow the Spirit to have His way within you. The glory of God will shine through so long as you do not get in the way. You see, boldness is not about your own strength but about admitting your weakness in the flesh and recognizing your dependence on God. When we let Him move in us, He is glorified. As you continue your life with Jesus, you will begin to be grow in this boldness because you’ve spent time with God so you trust Him, you know His promises, you have seen Him move in mighty ways, and this hope, this confidence, will result in your life pointing to Him. Remember this passage ends with the great promise of beholding the glory of Jesus and being transformed into the same image. Glory to glory. Amen.

“Since we have such a hope, we are very bold.” – 2 Corinthians 3:12 [ESV]

2 thoughts on “Bold

  1. loved the style of everything you did here….keep it going…i shall look forward to be part of your journey from here on in any way possible….may the Lord bring increase to your Ministry

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