Not Ready for the Promise

I am a girl who likes to be prepared. I seriously take extra time to ensure that I have myself stocked up with any household items and food, so that if someone uses the last of an item, there’s already another ready to be put in its place. I am the person who prints up the instructions and reads them again if necessary. I am the one who has a GPS but still will print up the Google Maps directions if going on a trip just in case my cell phone has issues. Being ready keeps me from losing my mind. Trust me, when I’m not prepared for something, I need a timeout to gather myself. 

Read Numbers 13. As I read this familiar account once again, I couldn’t help but be reminded — God knew the scouting results. He knew what would happen. Remember, His timeline is different from ours. God knew that the scouts would come back and that many of the people were not ready to trust the promise. Yes — the promise. The people were only going to the land to “see what the land is like” (see verse 18). In verse 2, we read that God was “giving to the people of Israel.” It was a promise. Check out what I’ve promised. Check out what I am giving you. How awesome to be able to see this promise, and yet for most of them it was anything but awesome. Most of the scouts saw and they were not ready for the promise.

In verse 31, the people declare that they cannot enter the land that was promised. We read that the people were “not able.” We read that they “cannot”— that they “can’t” enter the land. God basically said, here’s what I’m giving you. Check it out. The people said, nope we cannot do it. The people were not ready to receive the promise. The questions to ask ourselves today— What is God preparing me to receive? Why am I still not ready for the promises of God? Remember friends, our loving God gives only what is good. He is a good Father. Sometimes we are not in a place or season to receive some things, to serve in some areas, to do some things. Stop looking at why a few people are let into the Promised Land (the Calebs and Joshuas of the world), and instead focus on why you are not ready and what God is doing in your life. Let God prepare you. Let Him work with you through the murky waters. Rest in Him. Lean on Him. Be in step with Him. May you be ready for His promises. 

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