Teach Me

Today is a new month. My prayer for this month — teach me more about You! I invite you to join with me for a month of prayer and study focused intensely on one Psalm. Yes, one Psalm. Read Psalm 86. It is A Prayer of Faith. The Psalmist asks God to “teach him.” His desire is to know more about God. 

How do You work God? How do You move God? 

The reason the Psalmist sought these answers — so that he could walk in God’s truth and bring glory to God.

Before we venture to study and pray upon this Psalm more, it is important that we ready ourselves for the month. 

The Psalmist was “broken” and “humbled” and he admitted his desperation for help from God. Do you feel broken today? Do you recognize your need for God? Do you realize that you cannot do life alone? Have you accepted that you are not in control? Do you truly want God’s help, or do you only want the blessing?

The Psalmist described himself as a “faithful friend.” Do you consider yourself a friend of God? Are you a faithful friend? A faithful friend is someone who is loyal friend, a friend who has your back no matter what— a friend who is your friend through the good, the bad, and the ugly. So to be a faithful friend of God, means that your friendship is not based on what you get out of it— the friendship is not in existence just for the blessing— that through the good times and the bad times, you always are God’s friend. In prayer. In relationship. Always.

The Psalmist described himself also as a “loyal servant.” Do you consider yourself a servant of God? Do you believe you are a loyal servant? This means that you are faithfully serving God. This means that in everything you do, your aim is to do it for God. All that you do at home, at work, at school, in the community — you do it all for Him. 

The Psalmist takes it a step further. He declares in verse 4, “For all I am is yours, O God.” He completely surrenders to God. Broken. Humbled. Faithful friend. Loyal Servant. Fully Surrendered. 

So as we start out on this journey, let us pray for humility, for open eyes, for full surrender. Lord, teach me more about You!

“Teach me more about You, how You work and how You move, so that I can walk onward in Your truth until everything within me brings honor to Your name.” – Psalm 86:11 [TPT]

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