Faithful Love on Display

Read Psalm 86. Today’s verse speaks about God’s faithful love being on display. “But Lord, Your nurturing love is tender and gentle. You are slow to get angry yet so swift to show Your faithful love. You are full of abounding grace and truth” (Psalm 86:15 TPT). Love is not simply a word. Love is a verb. God displays His love for us again and again. We can recount the ways He loves us if we look back in our life — moments when His love was shining bright.

The Bible speaks a lot of God’s faithful love and reminds us of how God’s faithful love is displayed. If you read Psalm 136, you will be reminded of how God’s faithful love endures forever. This passage speaks of God “who alone does mighty miracles” (4). We read of how God “made the heavens so skillfully” and “placed the earth amount the waters” (5-6). We read of how God “made the heavenly lights” and “brought Israel out of Egypt” (7, 11). We can recount how He parted the Red Sea and how He led the people through the Wilderness (15-16). We can remember that “he gives food to every living thing” (24).

These are only some things that our faithful loving awesome God has done. We could spend a lifetime reviewing how His love has been on display. The greatest moment of God’s love on display is seen in the person of Jesus. We see His love on display when He sends His only son to pay the ultimate price for our sins so that we may have forgiveness and eternal life. We see His love on display when we are reminded of both the Cross and the Resurrection. 

Today, take some time to look around you and notice how God’s faithful love is on display. Make a list. Pray over it. Let yourself have some time in silence and meditation as you consider His great love, His faithful love for you. He loves you so very much. 

Let us come together in prayer and thanksgiving. Lord, I thank you. “I have trusted in Your faithful love; my heart will rejoice in Your deliverance. I will sing to the LORD because He has treated me generously” (Psalm 13:5-6 CSB). Amen!

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