Continually Saves

In Psalm 88, we read: “Yahweh is the God who continually saves me. I weep before You night and day (v. 1 TPT). The Message translates this as “God, You’re my last chance of the day.” Most translations focus on the Psalmist calling out day and night to God. The Passion Translation uses the phrase “continually saves me” which is fitting. We know our God answers prayer. As we call out to Him all day and all night, He responds to each and every prayer. 

Read all of Psalm 88 and you will see the Psalmist was struggling. The Psalmist notes he is overwhelmed, drowning from the troubles of this world. He mentions being in a pit, and losing his friends. He mentions his helplessness and how he feels the wrath of God. Have you been there? Have you ever felt this way? I assume that like me, you have answered these questions with “yes.” 

It is important to remember that the hope we have is in Christ. We can trust that though we are overwhelmed, we have Jesus. Though we are in a pit, we have Jesus. Though we feel helplessness, we have Jesus. Why? He continually saves. 

Saying “we have Jesus” may frustrate you, because sometimes the visual world doesn’t align with the spiritual. Sometimes our focus is on our problems, our pit, our frustrations, rather than on Jesus. Sometimes when someone responds to our problems with “you have Jesus,” it can cause anger because we do not see any end in sight for our plight. 

When you feel overwhelmed, remember that He alone is your peace. Rest in His peace which surpasses all understanding. When you feel like your soul is full of troubles, remember He who holds your soul. When you feel weakness, remember that it is in weakness that you can see His strength. When you feel like your friends have abandoned you, remind yourself that you are not alone. He is with you and He will never abandon you.

Let us thank God today and always for He continually saves. 

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