Leap for Joy

The Message says, “Dance.” The Passion Translation says, “Leap for joy.” Other translations say, “Rejoice.” All day long. Read this again— all day long. Can you imagine dancing all day long? That’s certainly some high level Dance Dance Revolution right there. Can you imagine leaping for joy all day? I cannot even leap in the air once without feeling the age of my knees. The Psalmist declares, “We can do nothing but leap for joy all day long, for we know who You are and what You do, and You’ve exalted us on high” (Psalm 89:16 TPT).

When I look around, or even look at myself, I am not seeing a lot of leaping, dancing, rejoicing. Certainly, I am not seeing it all day. I can admit I complain too much. Why do we feel so entitled to complain? What makes us think that we have any standing to complain? Even in the midst of blessings, we still manage to complain. We receive a great gift and it’s the wrong color. We are blessed with a free lunch but it’s not the meal we wanted. We are blessed with a home, a job, food, etc., but instead of rejoicing, we complain because our internet goes down, the gas prices went up, the wait in line at the grocery store is long. Even when we are faced with our lack of gratitude, we try to cover it up. I am thankful, BUT. I know God has blessed me, BUT. 

November shouldn’t be the only month we deem it important to be thankful. Every day, we should rejoice; every day we should be thankful. Sunday shouldn’t be the only day we lift up God’s name. Every day, we should lift up God’s name; every day we should praise and worship Him.

Today, get your leap on. Instead of putting praise emojis in your text messages or on Facebook, lift your hands — YOUR HANDS — and praise Him. Instead of dancing around when your team scores or when you need to pee, dance for Jesus. We can never over worship. We can never over praise. God alone deserves all honor, glory, and praise. Let us praise Him!

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