“For all of our faults and flaws are in full view to You. Everything we want to hide, You search out and expose by the radiance of Your face” (Psalm 90:8 TPT). Everything we want to hide. The truth is that even though we try to hide things, even though we think we can hide things, God seeks them out. He exposes them. He shines some light on them. 

When you read this, you may get angry and ask why God would try to shine a light on your flaws. I mean, doesn’t He love me? Why does He try to point out what is wrong with me? But then you miss it. You miss the love behind being exposed.

God is holy. As such, He cannot stand sin. In fact, sin is going again God. We read in the Bible about how people had to remove their shoes because they were standing on holy ground. We read about Isaiah’s unholy lips needing to be touched and cleansed. Our holy God will always shine a light on our sin. Our sin will always be exposed by His radiance. It can be no other way. God cannot deny who He is.

Even still, we know that it is God’s love and mercy and grace that covers us. God does not want to leave us as we are, drowning in our sins and shortcomings. Being saved from death, receiving Jesus and having the “get out of hell card” is not where God lets us remain. He wants more. He wants the very best for us. This means, it’s more than our eternal salvation — He also wants to help us to see each fault we have not to point fingers and poke fun or even to pour out wrath, but to help us to be all that we can be — who we were made to be — to reach our destiny. Again, He wants the best for us. We are exposed so that we may experience the goodness of the Lord, and so God may be glorified in the process. 

Let us pray for open eyes and ears to these exposures, so that we may be stretched and grown to reach where God wants us to be positioned. To Him be all honor, glory, and praise!

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