Uncontainable Praises

n Psalm 92:1, we read: “It’s so enjoyable to come before You with uncontainable praises spilling from our hearts! How we love to sing our praises over and over to You, to the matchless God, high and exalted over all!” (TPT). The ESV translates it this way: “It is good to give thanks to the LORD, to sing praises to Your name, O Most High.”

The adjective “uncontainable” is not the word most people would use to describe praises that are sang to God. The description “so enjoyable” is also something we do not typically hear. I have been to concerts where I have had to wear ear protection due to the loudness of the musicians and the crowd alike. Many people lose their voices singing and screaming at these concerts. I have also been to worship services where it seems like the church building is filled with a bunch of mimes who must be praising with silent lips. The discussion of after service events makes me wonder if people are fully present to worship, because it seems like the focus upon arrival is the departure. The rush for the parking lot makes me think “so enjoyable” is not the consensus, because if something is enjoyable, one would think there would be a desire to remain longer. 

I certainly in no way am trying to criticize the less vocal worshippers, the people who aren’t as loud as me in the worship center. I also will not pretend I haven’t rushed from a worship service in the past. Instead, let us together meditate on this verse. Let us ask the Spirit to reveal what we need to hear today with regard to our own time of worship. Remember, this verse reminds us that our praise is to spill out from our hearts — our praise comes from our hearts. The act of worship is sharing what is in our hearts with God. It is intimate, personal, and yes, enjoyable. It is beautiful. 

When we gather together, when we each are together in worship, we each are having an intimate moment with the Lord while at the same time joining together in a perfect harmony. Together, we lift up our voices to glorify the Lord. It is what we were created to do — and uncontainable praises can be a reality. The key is to fix our eyes completely on Him. Focus. Our hearts. Our eyes. Our minds. Our everything. On Him. When we do this, may He be glorified, the Lord Most High! Amen!

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