Today’s big question — are you overwhelmed? I have been overwhelmed a lot, especially this past year. I wish there was some real life Vitameatavegamin available. If you don’t know about this amazing product, it appears in one of my favorite television shows, I Love Lucy, in my all-time favorite episode of the show. Lucy is the spokesperson for a live television commercial spot where she says: “I’m your Vitameatavegamin girl! Are you tired, rundown listless? Do you poop out at parties? Are you unpopular? The answer to all your problems is in this little bottle, Vitameatavegamin.” It turns out the bottle contained a whole lot of alcohol and no true help. Being overwhelmed is seen as drowning or being buried. There is no quick fix for being overwhelmed, even Vitameatavegamin.

In today’s passage, we read about being overwhelmed, but in a different way. Instead of being overwhelmed by the weight of the world, we read of God who overwhelms. Psalm 96:6 says: “Breathtaking brilliance and awe-inspiring majesty radiate from His shining presence. His stunning beauty overwhelms all who come before Him (TPT). Another translation says it this way: “Splendor and majesty are before Him; strength and beauty are in His sanctuary” (ESV). Today’s question again —  are you overwhelmed? 

In reality, you may be overwhelmed by the things of this world or you may be overwhelmed by God. It all comes down to focus. Are you focused on the struggles of this world, or are your eyes fixed on the beauty of the Lord? If your eyes are fixed on Him, you will find yourself awestruck by His beauty. You will be overwhelmed in a very special awesome way. If you focus on the struggles of this life — job loss, health problems, financials troubles, relationship situations, etc. —  you will be overwhelmed. The burden is heavy. You may find yourself drowning on dry land.

Today,  I pray that you are overwhelmed by God. I pray that you give all of your burdens to God, that you turn everything over to Him. I pray that you take time in His presence, enjoying Him, worshiping Him, thanking Him. May you be overwhelmed by the beauty of our heavenly Father today and always.

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