Everyone Everywhere

Psalm 100:1 says, “Lift up a great shout of joy to the Lord! Go ahead and do it—everyone, everywhere!” (TPT).  Other translations say it this way: praise the Lord all the earth or praise the Lord all the lands. How will everyone everywhere praise the Lord? How will all the earth, all the lands, praise the Lord? First, the people must know the Lord, therefore the sharing of Jesus is necessary for everyone everywhere to praise the Lord (Romans 10:14). 

Our focus with evangelism is too often boxed in, which keeps us from sharing to “everyone everywhere.” If we are honest, we are apt to compartmentalize our lives. We evangelize when we are volunteering with our missions outreach team at church. We share Jesus when we are already with other Christians. We only talk with people who we feel comfortable with engaging. We speak of our faith when we are with people who already know Jesus. We even decide who we think qualifies to hear of Jesus. All of this gives us the feeling like we have done a small part in sharing Jesus, but is this really evangelism? 

When we focus on the everyone everywhere, we need to remind ourselves of the importance of walking the walk, not simply talking the talk. This walk goes everywhere. It is not simply something that we practice in a church building. It goes with us both in home and out of home — with us to work, to school, to extra curricular activities, with friends, shopping, driving. It should go with us everywhere. I can honestly say that I often miss the everyone everywhere. Road rage is big proof of that in my life. 

As well, we need to be open to the Spirit’s leading — He will let us know the people to engage with to share the love and hope of Jesus. It could be someone in your friend circle or a stranger. It is necessary for us to lean into Him to hear the still small voice and follow His direction. 

Today, let us pray that we will hear the Spirit loudly speaking into our lives with conviction, wisdom, and guidance so that we can share with “everyone everywhere.” Let us praise the Lord for allowing us to partner with Him in sharing the Good News, and rejoice in knowing that one day “everyone everywhere” will know, as every knee will bow and every tongue with confess Jesus is Lord (Philippians 2:10-11). Amen!

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