Hold It All Together

There was a time in life when I was a perfectionist. As I got older, I began giving myself more grace. I realized that I was lacking in many areas and my need to do something perfect went hand-in-hand with my desire for control. In controlling situations with a firm hand, I was able to sway things to go “my way” and attempt to control the outcome. Even when things fell apart, I was apt to figure out how I could fix it all. I even tried to “save” others when able to lend a hand. 

I still have this desire to bring order to chaos. I like to say I get that from my Father. It’s true that He took the chaos and created order. Yet, though made in His image, I certainly am not in control and I cannot hold it all together. I am but a breath. I am broken. I make mistakes. I have learned to be okay with that and humble myself before the Lord. This humility does not mean I am indifferent to my shortcomings, but that I know that despite them, I am loved and the Lord will fill the gap and He is always in control.

Our God, our Creator — He “holds it all together so it will never fall apart.” That word NEVER stands out to me. Again and again, as I find the world around me falling apart, I don’t spend my hours trying to devise a plan to try to hold everything together. Instead, I look to Him, seek Him, and trust Him for direction and for comfort. I know He will never let my life fall fall off His radar— in fact, my soul is safely in His hand. 

I pray today that you know our Creator, and that through a loving relationship with Him, you feel His embrace and His peace, trusting that He holds it all together. Yes, there will be storms and there will be utter disasters, but this too shall pass. Remember, “it will NEVER fall apart.”

“You, our Creator, formed the earth, and you hold it all together so it will never fall apart.”  – Psalm 104:5 [TPT]

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