Established by Grace

What a warning we find in today’s verse. We read in Hebrews 13:9: “Don’t be led astray by various kinds of strange teachings; for it is good for the heart to be established by grace and not by food regulations, since those who observe them have not benefited (CSB). The writer of Hebrews is speaking about not being led astray by the strange teachings like food regulations. We aren’t going to focus on this today, but rather, let us focus on how this verse says it’s good “to be established by grace.” If we can understand this and live this out, may we find the grace upon grace that keeps us from being led astray by these “strange teachings.”

Grace is receiving something we do not deserve. This verse speaks of being established by grace. Another way of saying this is being secure or guaranteed. To be guaranteed by grace is to say that we received something from Jesus that we do not deserve, so it is unfruitful to try to earn the something. We were already given it. He has poured out grace that says we are co-heirs with Christ. We are daughters and sons of the King. We do not do anything to earn it. It’s established. In following the lead of people like these who were teaching food regulations, we become enslaved by rules. We begin to set ourselves up in a different place — where we must earn our position, our favor, our blessings — everything.

It is dangerous to be led astray. We miss out on what God has already provided us when we focus on trying to go through hoops that He never put in front of us. When people are laying out regulations and rules, it is for control. It is all about power. God offers us something different. He offers us freedom. He offers us grace. He says, you don’t earn it but I’m giving it to you. You are mine. It’s His blessing upon your life. To turn back to try to appease those with regulations, you put yourself back in the position of trying to check all of the right boxes. Today, remember that you are established by grace. This is a guarantee no one can take away as it is given from the Father. Live it out! 

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