Until I Become Prayer

Psalm 109:4 says, “Though I love them, they stand accusing me like Satan for what I’ve never done. I will pray until I become prayer itself (TPT). Our focus for today: “Until I become prayer itself” or “I give myself to prayer.” The Psalmist was in a tough spot. He was trying to love people — remember we are to love God and love people — and though he was trying to love on people, they were dropping accusations (Mark 12:30-31). They were repaying good with evil, love with hatred (Psalm 109:5). They were attacking him without cause (Psalm 109:3). His response — prayer. 

We are told to pray for our enemies (Matthew 5:44). This is difficult. We all have been in the position of the Psalmist. While trying to be a “good Christian” and love on people, a person starts talking poorly about you. You did not even do anything, but you are accused nonetheless. We want to defend ourselves. We want to say, “No, not me. I never did that.” We want to fight back. We want people to see the truth. Yet the Psalmist doesn’t do these things. He prays. He declares that he will “pray until I become prayer itself.”

This is a tough pill to swallow. To let go of our pride and pray. To ignore the accusations and pray. The Psalmist understood it was a tough pill to swallow. He did not simply say a prayer for his accuser and move along. He gave himself to prayer. He prayed and prayed again for this person. Why? Because God fights for us (Exodus 14:14). Because vengeance is God’s business (Romans 12:19). 

Truth will be revealed one day — sometimes sooner but sometimes later. Our focus should not be on clearing and concerning ourselves so much with our name, but instead, our focus is on glorifying His name. In trusting that He will fight for us, we can keep our eyes forward. In praying for those who accuse us, we are able to ask God to work in our heart so we do not allow it to be poisoned by anger, frustration, etc., over the false accusations. In becoming prayer itself, we are being open to Him moving in us, and the fruit of this is love.

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