Flawless, Faithful, and Fair

Psalm 111:7 says, “All God accomplishes is flawless, faithful, and fair, and His every word proves trustworthy and true” (TPT). The CSB translates it this way: “The works of His hands are truth and justice; all His instructions are trustworthy.” In the world, we encounter a lot of people who let us down, who lie, who practice favoritism. People make it hard for us to trust and to believe in good. 

The Bible says that God accomplishes that which is flawless, faithful, and fair. God’s hands result in truth and justice. His word is trustworthy. We can trust Him. We can trust that He is not going to lie. He does not lie (Numbers 23:19, Titus 1:2, Hebrews 6:18). We can trust that He has no favorites (Romans 2:11). He loves you like you are His only child. We can trust that He is just and fair. We look around and we may not see justice raining down all around us. Remember, some justice happens now and some will happen later. Justice is His (Romans 12:19).

So what about fairness? Often we will get caught saying, “This is not fair.” I mean how can I work so hard and still lose my job? How can I do all the right things and yet I can barely pay my bills when this guy is so dishonest and is taking yet another huge vacation this year? When we consider fairness, we have to remember this — we do not deserve anything. Remember, we all fall short. We all are sinners. God blesses everyone. Yes, you read that correctly. He blesses everyone. He blesses us with life. He blesses us with a new day. He blesses us with food, with sun, with rain, with breath. We do not deserve any of this, but He gives it to us — and so much more! We cannot say something is “not fair,” because it is not ours to declare. We are always receiving what we do not deserve. That’s God’s grace. 

Today, let us praise the Lord. He is so good. He accomplishes what is flawless, faithful, and fair. His words are true. His ways are good. To Him alone be all honor, glory, and praise! Amen!

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