Unjust Scales

My dog Max is very food driven. When I have food, his eyes are glued on me. It is his desire that I share whatever food I have available. When I am getting Max and Marci their breakfast and dinner, Max watches me closely. It’s as if he is watching to make sure that I am properly measuring the food to ensure he is getting a fair amount.

The Bible talks about unjust scales or dishonest scales. Fairness is important. In Proverbs we read that “the LORD detests the use of dishonest scales, but He delights in accurate weights” (11:1 NLT). What this is saying is that God wants us to be people of integrity, honest people in our dealings in the world. God alone “sets the standards for fairness” so He should always be our example and guide (Proverbs 16:11). The usage of scales is usually centered around the idea of weighing out money. However, take this even further. Anything that you possess, are you more apt to give more to some and to be stingy to some people? Does this behavior cause you to miss out on opportunities to represent Jesus? Does this behavior keep you from His truth? Does this behavior have you cheating the world out of the goodness of God?

Remember, the scales of the world are ones of power and possessions versus justice, generosity, and truth. It is not difficult to look around and see the there are unjust scales all around us. Some people are treated better than others. Some people are honored, yet others in the same position are disrespected and ignored. Some people are given the benefit of the doubt while others are mistreated or completely ignored. Some people are given fair prices while others are given poor prices. Some people can act in a way and be praised, but other people act the same way and are treated like criminals. The list goes on and on.

Today, check your scales. Are you picking favorites? Are you living unbalanced? Do you hold some to higher standards? Are you cheating someone? How are your scales? Do your scales truly point to Jesus?

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