Refresh Your Life

Life is hard. The world is ever-changing and oftentimes you may feel like you are being pulled in various directions all at once. The events of the day may keep you awake at night, or you could lay with eyes opened worried about what is on the agenda tomorrow. Perhaps your only moment of peace is hiding in the bathroom to have a moment of silence to regroup. When one problem is addressed, another one is right around the corner. You may try to carry the weight of everything on your tiny shoulders because you feel alone or because you think no one else will help to carry the load. You might be one who cannot find the time to take a moment for yourself, to sit down and consider what is happening around you and within you. You may feel broken, tired, or completely burnt out.

Yes, life is indeed hard; however, Jesus wants us to come to Him and He promises that if we do come to Him, He will refresh our lives. In Matthew 11:28-30 we read: “Are you weary, carrying a heavy burden? Then come to me. I will refresh your life, for I am your oasis.Simply join your life with Mine. Learn My ways and you’ll discover that I’m gentle, humble, easy to please. You will find refreshment and rest in Me. For all that I require of you will be pleasant and easy to bear” (TPT).

This sounds nice, right? He will refresh our lives. He will be an oasis. It sounds wonderful; however, do not think that this is an easy fix. That’s where we end up getting ourselves in trouble. In a world where we are offered one quick solution after another, be reminded that the easy fix way of life doesn’t usually give us good fruit. Consider the made-for-TV products that promise us gold and deliver us green fingers. Jesus offers us refreshment — and yes His promises are true, and yes He does deliver. Yet, we need to read this passage closely. Join your life with Mine. Learn My ways. His offer is “pleasant and easy to bear” yet it requires that we abide in Him. It requires that we have a relationship with Jesus. It is in relationship with Jesus Christ that we are refreshed. This relationship isn’t one prayer but a life of prayer. This relationship isn’t a one day salvation, but a daily decision to join with Him. 

Today, if you are feeling rundown and tired, check on your oasis situation. Are you joined with Him? It isn’t work — it’s relationship. The relationship He offers is amazing. He’s “gentle, humble, and easy to please.” There’s no trying to earn your way into His good graces. There’s no need to try to prove yourself. He wants your heart. He wants to walk with you. He wants relationship. If you draw near to Him, if you come to Him, if you join your life with Him, you will have refreshment and rest. He is a great oasis. He is your Savior. He is your Friend. Give Him your everything and He will show you the true joy and peace of life everlasting.

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