Respond with a Blessing

It is hard to respond nicely to someone who is being mean or difficult; however, again and again we are told to be kind, to act in love, and to not seek vengeance. In 1 Corinthians 4:12, we read: “We work hard, toiling with our own hands. When people abuse and insult us, we respond with a blessing, and when severely persecuted, we endure it with patience” (TPT). 

Responding with a blessing is more difficult than staying silent and not acting out in a negative manner. It is one thing to bite your tongue or to act in anger. To respond with a blessing is to go beyond the absorption of the insults while wearing a smile and turning the cheek. It’s intentionally deciding you are going to actually do something good and kind to the person despite their words and actions. Who wants to do this? If someone hurts you, insults you, frustrates you, it’s not first nature to respond with love and a blessing. 

Today, if you find yourself being insulted or mistreated, consider how you might bless the person. Ask the Spirit to help you think of ways to bless the person. Pray for the person. Set out to be a blessing today.

Thank you Jesus for showing us by Your example how to respond with a blessing. Lord, we ask that You guard our hearts. Lord, strengthen us. Help us to be a people of self-control. May all that we do and say be pleasing to You and glorify Your name. In Jesus’ Name. Amen!

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