Wounding Others

Today’s verse speaks about causing someone to stumble, causing a brother or sister to be wounded or defeated. We read in 1 Corinthians 8:13: “So I conclude that if my eating certain food deeply offends my brother and hinders his advance in Christ, I will never eat it again. I don’t want to be guilty of causing my brother or sister to be wounded and defeated” (TPT). We read in Hebrews 10:24-25 that we should “stir up one another to love and good works” and also how we should be “encouraging one another.” Philippians 2:4 reminds us to not look at only our own interests but also to look at the interests of others. Romans 14 says, “Let us pursue what leads to peace and to mutual edification.”

It is clear as we dig into Scripture that we should be building up, lifting up, encouraging, teaching, supporting, etc. our brothers and sisters. We are to do all that we can to help our brothers and sisters to grow in Christ. Sadly, many Christians oftentimes consider this as an open invitation to drop down the Pharisaical hammer. Instead of trying to uplift and encourage our fellow believers in their walk with Christ, we point out all of their missteps. Oh how encouraging?!? We may even go a step forward, and treat them in a way that causes them to further stumble. This could mean selfishly making a decision because “it is my right” which then causes my brother or sister to falter.

That last sentence might need to be read again. These past few years have seen a lot of “it is my right” statements boldly proclaimed. We feel entitled. We feel justified. This we declare — “It is my right.” Yes, maybe it is your right. Yet, we are interconnected. With us each being part of one body — the Body of Christ — something that impacts a brother, impacts me and you. Something that causes our sister to stumble, causes us as a Body to not be at our 100% strength. When we keep inwardly focusing on ourselves, we miss out on what God has designed for us. We miss out on being complimentary to each other. We miss out on each of us being interwoven together as His Bride. All because “it is my right.” Today, let us do what we can to uplift, to edify, to be love and grace for our brothers and sisters, as well as those who have not yet come to know Jesus. This world is in desperate need of love. May we not be a people who leaves behind wounded. May no man be left behind.

Thank you Jesus for demonstrating to us love and grace. Help us to be gracious to our brothers and sisters in Christ. May we speak words seasoned with salt, words that may build up and encourage others to seek You more. If we have wounded others, Lord please forgive us. Help us to reconcile the wounds. May all that we do bring glory to You! In Jesus’ Name. Amen!

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