Servant to All

Paul joyfully made himself a servant to all. We read in 1 Corinthians 9:19, “Now, even though I am free from obligations to others, I joyfully make myself a servant to all in order to win as many converts as possible” (TPT). The word used here for servant or slave refers to a bondservant. A bondservant was someone who voluntarily served another. We saw this occur when someone liked a master and his family, and desired to stay in servitude with the family forever. 

Paul wanted to share Jesus with as many people as possible and win them for Christ. He represents well the mindset of God — the desire that all would be reconciled to God. In declaring himself a servant, he was making it clear that he was not going to be focused on himself. This is the opposite attitude we typically see demonstrated. It is difficult to make the decision to look out for the best interests of others above yourself. We live in a me world.

We each have the opportunity to be a servant to all. Let us not be put off by this choice because we think it means self neglect. You can take care of yourself physically, mentally, spiritually, financially, etc., and still aim to serve others. In fact, you want to take care of yourself to be able to serve others. The desire is to serve, to help, to show an interest in the life of another without thinking of the cost to you.  It is living life with open hands, taking what God has poured out in abundance and sharing it with another. Living with this focus allows us to live a humble, generous, and compassionate life. Today let us each be a servant to all. It is an investment that brings a fruitful return.

Thank you Jesus for demonstrating to us what it means to be a servant. Lord, help us to have a servant mindset. Help us to joyfully serve one another. Lord, bless others through my open hands. May my offering bring honor and glory to Your name. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.

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