Privileged to Drink

The Message translates today’s verse this way: “You can easily enough see how this kind of thing works by looking no further than your own body. Your body has many parts—limbs, organs, cells—but no matter how many parts you can name, you’re still one body. It’s exactly the same with Christ. By means of His one Spirit, we all said good-bye to our partial and piecemeal lives. We each used to independently call our own shots, but then we entered into a large and integrated life in which He has the final say in everything. (This is what we proclaimed in word and action when we were baptized.) Each of us is now a part of His resurrection body, refreshed and sustained at one fountain—His Spirit—where we all come to drink.” Let us remember that we are all privileged to drink deeply of the same Holy Spirit. 

Today we are once again looking at our interconnectedness. It seems to be a common theme lately in our daily devotions; however, as you page through God’s Word, it’s very easy to see our similarities and a desire and design for unity. It is the world that tries to show us our differences and it is the world (and the devil) that tries to divide us, because just like an injury to the human body, if the body is divided, it is weakened. We are all connected together in one Body. We are all privileged to drink of the same Spirit, the Spirit of God.

Let us remember that we are privileged to drink. God sent His one and only Son to pay the ultimate price for our sins — all of our sins — so that we can be forgiven, redeemed, and be offered resurrection life. He offers us the free gift of salvation through His blood and His body. We did nothing to earn it. We did nothing to deserve it. It is a privilege to drink deeply of the Holy Spirit. It is a privilege to receive new life in Him. Let us take time today to thank God for this awesome gift — the gift of His Spirit. Let us remember today how we all drink of the same Holy Spirit. It is His Spirit that is freely given to all who believe in Christ Jesus. It is His Spirit that seals us and empowers us as the body of Christ. Let us never lose sight of this privilege and let us never become indifferent. 

“For by one Spirit we all were immersed and mingled into one single body. And no matter our status—whether we are Jews or non-Jews, oppressed or free—we are all privileged to drink deeply of the same Holy Spirit.” – 1 Corinthians 12:13 [TPT]

Heavenly Father, we thank You that we are privileged to drink deeply of Your Spirit. We thank You for Your love and Your provision. You have set everything into place. You have made the way. You have given us all that we need to accomplish what You have planned. May we never press forward without Your presence. In Jesus’ Name. Amen!

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