Love and Kindness

Today, we are focusing on love and kindness. What is one of the things we are taught when we are young? To be kind. We are taught to share. We are taught to use manners. We are taught to be respectful. In 1 Corinthians 16:13-14, we read: “Remember to stay alert and hold firmly to all that you believe. Be mighty and full of courage. Let love and kindness be the motivation behind all that you do” (TPT). 

This verse says that love and kindness should be our motivation. Love and kindness should be our motivation. It sounds great, right? But is it? Are the words we speak backed by love and motivation? Are the things we do the result of love and kindness? Or are we just doing things because we think we have to or because we are crossing off a list? Are we only doing something because of what we think we will get because of it?

We live in a crazy time period. In the 90’s, the internet started becoming popular throughout the area, and in the early 2000’s we were introduced to social media networks. In this short period of time, we have seen life change. Our world has changed. We don’t need to leave our home to do a research paper. We don’t need to take a letter down to the post office. We can connect in the moment. But are our internet posts, our social media posts — are they kind? Are they loving? If not, what is your motivation? Are you in it for the likes? Are you angry? Are you insecure?

What about in real life, not hiding behind screens? If we would question your neighbors, would they describe you as kind and loving? Would your co-workers describe you as kind and loving? Can you think of something kind and loving you did today? This week? This month? Why do you do the things that you do? What is your motivation?

These are questions you should yourself often. Motive matters. Remember, if you serve at a local organization but you do not have love, you have nothing. If you bless someone with money but you do not have love, you have nothing. It is easier to be kind and loving to your friends and family. Pay close attention to how you act around those who are most difficult. Ask the Spirit to help reveal to you any hidden motives. Be kind. Do everything in love. May all you do and say glorify God.

Thank you Jesus for showing us what it means to be loving and kind. Lord, Your motives were always pure. Spirit, open my eyes to see my true motives. Create in me a pure heart. May my words and deeds bring You glory. In Jesus’ Name. Amen!

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