No Hidden Agenda

Today’s verse is blunt. No hidden agenda. We read in 2 Corinthians 1:12: “We rejoice in saying with complete honesty and a clear conscience that God has empowered us to conduct ourselves in a holy manner and with no hidden agenda. God’s marvelous grace enables us to minister to everyone with pure motives, not in the clever wisdom of the world. This is especially true in all of our dealings with you” (TPT). There is a lot to unpack here. We could spend a great deal of time discussing what it means to conduct ourselves in a holy manner. As sons and daughters of the King, we understand that we are continuing to be made holy as we grow in Christ. However, today we are going to focus on having no hidden agenda, because this is something that separates many ministries.

The Bible is clear. We are all as followers of Christ called to share Christ with the world. This is the Great Commission. Sadly, this mission we each have as brothers and sisters has been misused, skewed, etc. Remember, the agenda is sharing Jesus with the world. Everything we do and everything we say should point to Jesus. That’s our mission. That’s our agenda. That’s our ministry. We are meant to share the hope of Jesus. It’s clear.

Nonetheless, there are many ministries with hidden agendas. Even our own personal ministry work can come with a hidden agenda. You could see this as something blatant, like people selling blessed water that can be used to proclaim healing — the hidden agenda is monetary profits.  However, it’s likely that the hidden agenda will be more hidden and less pronounced. Remember, the agenda is hidden so it’s not always going to jump out at you. If it’s your ministry, the way to have your eyes opened to a hidden agenda is to be continually drawing near to God. Be in the Word. Be listening for the Spirit’s leading. He will open your eyes. He will reveal to you the hidden things. He is the only One who can open your eyes to the secret motives of your heart. 

At times, we have a hidden agenda and we do not even realize it. Consider for a moment how many ministries do not discuss certain biblical teachings because they fear a reduction in attendance and tithing. Consider the contemporary sermons that sound more like self help lectures instead of a preacher sharing the Word of God. This isn’t a jab at a particular ministry. This is a warning to keep focused on the mission.

Today, as you continue to press forward, keep asking the Spirit to ensure you have no hidden agenda. May our lips forever proclaim Jesus. Only Jesus.

Thank You Father for the Great Commission. Lord, thank You for entrusting us to share the Good News. Lord, empower me to share Your Truth. Remove anything that gets in the way. In Jesus’ Name. Amen! 

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