Reputations of Men

Today’s verse is Galatians 2:6. The Passion Translation translates it this way: “Even those most influential among the brothers were not able to add anything to my message. Who they are before men makes no difference to me, for God is not impressed by their reputations.” The verse notes that God is not impressed with the reputations of men, meaning that He doesn’t say, “Oh wow, look at that. It’s (insert so-and-so).” He doesn’t do that. We also shouldn’t do that. The only One who deserves honor and glory is God. No one else stacks up. We all fall short of the glory of God. We all miss the mark. As you consider the news we hear each week, people in the area of Hollywood, the professional sports world, the popular preachers, etc., we see time and time again a person falters. So, what can we do? 

For one, we definitely need to be concerned with our moral authority. Recognize that if you want to live a life for Jesus, that the trust and the confidence people give you as you walk the walk can easily be lost when you stumble. What you spend years building can be lost in a second. This can cause your brothers and sisters to stumble too. No pressure here. Just remember to keep your eyes fixed on Jesus, and to repent and be honest when you mess up. Seek forgiveness and reconciliation and allow God to work through the mess.

The second thing we can do is refrain from putting someone on a pedestal. We know how easy it is to falter. We must remember that others are going to stumble too. We shouldn’t hold them up so high and consider them better than others. God is not impressed by their reputations. It should make no difference to us either.

Today’s verse mentioned that God was not impressed by the reputations of men. Living a godly life doesn’t mean that you will be well known. Here, Paul has mentioned that “even those most influential” were not able to impress God. Why? He’s not impressed with the reputations you have out in the world. He desires your faithful obedience. He desires your heart. It doesn’t matter what position you have among men. Quite frankly, we read in Scripture that we will be hated. We will be looked down upon and treated poorly. Seeking the spotlight, seeking attention, shouldn’t be our life aim. What matters is the condition of your heart, and the obedience that flows from it.

Heavenly Father, I thank You for Your goodness. Lord, You are above all. Create in me a clean heart, a pure heart. Spirit, fill me so I can walk in faithful obedience. Equip me and empower me to serve You fully. In Jesus’ Name. Amen!

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