Poor Example

Yesterday, we looked at how Paul confronted Peter face-to-face. It was important that Paul confront him, as he was being a poor example to the other believers. As Galatians 2:13 says: “And so, because of Peter’s hypocrisy, many other Jewish believers followed suit, refusing to eat with gentile believers. Even Barnabas was led astray by their hypocritical behavior!” (TPT). Peter had become quite the stumbling block to others because he was a poor example.

Today, let us consider our own example. My grandma always said to mind your own plate. Let us consider the example we are showing others. Are we walking what we are talking? Are our actions a good example to others? When people see us, do they see Jesus? Do they even see a glimmer of Jesus? Or are you causing others to be led astray?

One of the biggest words we hear when someone describes a Christian is “hypocrite.” It is for this reason that many people stay away from the Church. The poor examples we share easily lead people astray. You do not have to be a poor example. It’s your choice. You can choose to say something and live it out. You can stand firm for something and let that glorify your Father. When you make a mistake, you can avoid the blame game, repent, and allow God to reconcile you. Today, and every day, let us consider our own example. What’s happening on your plate today?

Thank You Jesus for the perfect example. Lord, we pray that we may be a good example to those around us. May our words and our deeds bring You glory. Lord, if we are being a stumbling block, we ask that the Spirit open our eyes and work through us to remove this poor example. Sanctify us Lord! In Jesus’ Name. Amen!

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