Every Opportunity

Today’s verse is constantly in my mind. Lately, it is a verse that grieves me. Galatians 6:10 says, “Take advantage of every opportunity to be a blessing to others, especially to our brothers and sisters in the family of faith!” (TPT). I think of this verse nearly daily as I ask myself the question what am I doing for others. Martin Luther King Jr. asked this question. Corrie ten Boom said we measure our life by our donation. Too often, I don’t feel like I’m using all of my opportunities to do the things I see others doing. It frustrates me. It discourages me. 

The truth is, I am tired. I spent so many years helping others and it is something that is always on my heart. But my body isn’t filled with energy like it once was and my days aren’t as easy to manage. Health issues can really put the kibosh to plans. As much as I try to number my days as Moses prays about in Psalm 90, sometimes I see it as an achievement to just get the dogs walked and the dishes finished. Coffee doesn’t give me the boost I need anymore. Maybe you feel this same exhaustion. Maybe you are going through health issues or other struggles. Maybe you feel like you are not doing enough. Maybe you wonder how you can leave a legacy.

It is dangerous to compare yourself to someone else. Everyone is dealing with their own life — their own skills, own gifts, own resources, own problems, own past, own everything. Something I could easily do years ago, someone else struggled to do at all and visa versa. First and foremost, don’t compare yourself to another person. God has a plan for them. God has a plan for you. That person is important. You are also important. Ask yourself what you can do today and focus only on what you can do through God’s strength and provision for this day.

Second, we do what we can with what we are given for the day. You may have less opportunities today because today you really need to get some rest and refuel and spend some extra time with God. You may have lots of opportunities this coming Friday because God’s going to have you in position. The verse says we “take advantage of every opportunity.” God gives us the opportunities for us to take advantage. He gives us the guidance, the provisions, etc. He leads. We follow. If He didn’t give you the money to buy a single mother in your neighborhood a new car, don’t feel like you have failed. He put you in the position to make some soup for the pregnant woman down the street. If you feel really tired today and think that you have no energy to accomplish anything today, take time to rest, refuel, connect with God and discern if you have enough margin in your life, if you need to make some changes, or if you need to see the doctor.

Third, as Mother Teresa shared, love one person at a time. Don’t consider the opportunities you may have wasted yesterday. Focus on today and focus on loving one person at a time. The Spirit will reveal the opportunities. You can show up faithfully each day to love. You may be tired today. You may be extra busy today. You may be sick today. You may be bursting at the seams with energy. No matter how you are feeling, no matter what you have put before you today, love one person at a time. As you do everything with love and follow the Spirit’s leading, you will certainly take advantage of the opportunities put before you to bless others. Maybe today that simply means letting someone in line before you at the grocery store. Whatever it may be, to God be the glory! Amen!

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