Completion in Him

When my children were young, we often would create things. We made towers and fortresses with blocks, we designed buildings, cars, and creatures with LEGO pieces. We used various mediums to create art pieces, even going as far as to paint on ourselves. It was always fun having our creative juices flowing. There was more than bonding happening during these fun moments. These were creations with purpose. 

My son decided the creation would be a yellow car with big tires. The car would be a race car so it would race the other cars and always win because it would be the fastest car. My daughter created a frog. It would be a strange color (not a typical frog color). But it was a frog because she said it was a frog. Not only did it hop like a frog, but it could fly because it had special powers. With each creation, the creator decided the purpose. The car was not complete without the special piece that helped it go faster. The frog was not complete until it had those special powers that helped it to fly. It was all in the hands of the creator.

Today’s passage is Colossians 1:17: “He existed before anything was made, and now everything finds completion in Him” (TPT). What this means is that the pieces are united into a whole, the pieces are held together. When it comes to Jesus, we have completion in Him. This is 2 part for us. 

Firstly, we are always left wandering, always left incomplete, without Jesus. Our lives feel like we are missing something without Him, because we get our completion in Him. God designed us for Himself and this is why we are lacking without Him. If you find yourself searching, if you feel lacking or not right, check your alignment with Jesus. Secondly, there is a completion as the Body, meaning the Church. As believers, we do life together with each other as one Body and it is Jesus at the head. He is the firstborn. He is the One who holds us all together. Without Him moving in our individual lives, we are lost. The same is true with our corporate Body. If we are believers without Jesus leading at the helm of the church, the church will struggle and fall short. The Church has Jesus at the head. If a local church does not have Jesus in the proper position, the lack of fruit and chaos will reveal this to us.

Today, ask yourself these question: Are you spending time with Him? Are you in His Word? Are you speaking to Him, listening to Him, worshiping Him? Also, if you haven’t found a church home, look for a group of believers that has Jesus at the head. Find a church where Jesus is first. Remember friends, our completion is in Him. In Him, we have peace and joy and life everlasting! To Him be the glory!

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