Brief Hiccups Along the Way

I don’t get hiccups often; however, life hiccups happen more than I would like in my life. A few months ago, I was excited to share my journey of Second Half, Best Half, along with continuing to share Daily Good Devotions. I was rested, pumped, and focused. Then I got COVID-19 and things halted. All that rest went down the drain because my energy was shot. All the motivation, the passion, was stifled. The focus, gone to brain fog craziness. This was another moment of take a step forward and two steps back.

It’s easy in life to let these hiccups take over and keep you from pressing forward. It’s always easy to settle into the struggles, to let the troubles win. We see this all around. But what do you get when you let the hiccups of life win? You are stuck and you are fruitless. Even when the hiccups of life come your way, you can find hope in staying the course. You may need to slow down and take short rests, but there’s a forward motion with eyes fixed on the prize when you trust God is in control.

When I was diagnosed with COVID-19, I had to make some choices. I could forget the healthy living habits or I could forge forward with them. I could settle into the no energy lifestyle or I could fight to get back to where I once was and move forward. I could ask for pity, or I could ask for prayer. I could make excuses, or I could declare victory.

The healthy living, the clean eating and good supplements, are important to me. Even with hiccups, I stayed the course. I added supplements to assist with the virus, but I continued my usual shakes. I didn’t let the COVID-19 be an excuse to eat poorly. I drank lots of water, aimed for good sleeping habits, and kept pressing forward.

Along the lines of no excuses, I didn’t halt my workouts. My energy was low. It was a big issue for me. It upset me because I put in so much hard work to get my energy level back after my hormone changes. What did I do? I remembered that we make energy by using energy. I was intentional with short intervals of exercise. I knew what got me tired. I worked out enough to get to that point but not to overdo it. I shortened my routines but still did them. I gave myself the grace to take breaks, but I didn’t allow myself to do nothing. Doing nothing gets you nothing. If you settle with excuses, you eventually rest in the nothingness and then it’s so much harder to get back to those healthy habits.

I asked for prayer rather than pity. I continued to draw near to God, recognizing that my closeness to Him would provide me with the strength I would need to get through this draining virus. It truly set me back a great deal, but it was my faith in God that reminded me that the journey is not a straight line but a lot of twists and turns. I knew that God would use this time. He would take the bad and use it for His good purpose. Drawing near to Him, to His Word, in worship — these things kept me moving forward. Maybe the movement was slow, but it was present. That’s the key. 

In the end, I didn’t make excuses. I declared victory. Even when I was so exhausted and I had to drink extra coffee. Even when I had to take so many extra supplements to detox my body. Even when my blood glucose levels suddenly were abnormal. I trusted God. I recognized that He had a plan, that it was good, and that I could rest in Him.

So I’m back. Finally. A few months later. Brief hiccups. But it got me to where I was meant to be and I continue to press forward. It’s what we are meant to do, right? Pressing forward with eyes on Him. Letting Him lead the way. Trusting Him to clear the path. The hiccups will come. There will always be struggles but we can trust that He is our Rock and our Savior, and He has promised His goodness with overflow. 

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