The Right Foundation

Over the years, I have suffered from plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, arthritis, and various foot injuries. I love to walk, but with my troubled feet, I did not have the right foundation. If you do not take care of your feet, you will notice other issues with your body alignment and increased overall pain. Not having the right foundation had the domino effect of causing me increased issues with my back, hips, pelvis, and knees. 

Part of my second half, best half journey was ensuring I had the right foundation by taking care of my feet. Though we are all different, here’s what worked for me:

  1. The right type of footwear — I grew up walking barefoot around the house. I spent a good period of my life wearing Converse or other shoes that provided little support. People even told me to stop wearing the shoes, but I argued that they were comfortable and pressed onward. What I did not realize is that the reason other more supportive shoes were causing me pain is because my troubled feet had just given up to the lack of support. Here I was with high arches in flat shoes. I was like a square peg trying to go through a circle hole. When it comes to footwear, get a shoe that supports your feet. If you suffer from the issues I have, I’d recommend investing in a good pair of shoes, understanding the price might be higher but it’s only a small price increase for less pain. I wear KURU shoes. These are specifically designed for my foot conditions. They have their own specially designed supportive heel. They have great customer service, shoes with solid construction, and have seriously saved me. Before wearing KURU shoes, I was limping down the street while trying to walk my dogs. I was literally crying some days. I was screaming when I got out of bed because of the pain when my feet hit the floor. Remember too, proper support — the right foundation — requires shoes all the time. No more walking barefoot around the house anymore. I have KURU for around the house (flip flops and slides), and KURU for walking and hiking. I don’t get any incentives from KURU to share my recommendation. I tell people about KURU because this footwear is a big part of my right foundation. 
  2. The right sized footwear — What added to my problems? Improper fitting shoes. Not only was I wearing shoes that lacked support, but I had the wrong sized shoes. I grew up with the “get a size bigger so you grow into them” motto. This is something people advise for kids because their feet are growing, but we continue the behavior as adults and it has resulted in over 70% of people wearing the wrong shoe size. Maybe this includes you! The problem is that if your shoes are allowing for too much movement, you lose some support. Shoes are designed specifically to assist in support and if the placement of your foot is off because your shoes are not snug, this could result in issues. In my case, a shoe lacking support allows for my foot to turn and cause more damage to my already troubled foundation. Get your feet properly measured by a professional or even measure your foot and follow instructions online to find out your true size. It only takes a piece of paper, a writing utensil, a ruler, and an online chart to find your true shoe size. I did this a few years ago and found that I was wearing a size too big. What a difference I noted when I changed sizes.
  3. The right socks — You wouldn’t think it was a big deal but socks matter. If you want to truly take care of your feet, you want socks that work for you. Socks that can breathe are nice. Socks that can compress can be helpful. Socks that fit properly to support the feet and not slide around are important too. Socks can be a reason for blisters if you aren’t wearing the right ones. What did I do to make sure I had the right foundation? I got Injinji socks. Toe socks are popular. These socks by Injinji are made for people who run, hike, and use their feet more than most. Having toe socks allows for you to keep the toes separate. It minimizes the chance for blisters. The Injinji socks are designed to separate your toes and provide foot stabilization so your weight is properly distributed. The socks also help keep your feet dry which can keep you from other foot issues. These socks may cost slightly more than a standard sock, but they are well constructed, last a long time, and help you live better. As with KURU, I also do not get any incentives for mentioning Injinji socks. I simply love these socks. They make my feet feel so much better.
  4. TLC — Life gets busy. Don’t forget to take care of your feet with proper foot care. Soak your feet in Epsom salts. Get a massager for your feet. Put your feet up. Get a pedicure. Use tea tree oil on your toenails. Address any trouble areas. Remember that this TLC is one way toward the right foundation. 

The right foundation is important for a second half, best half life. I want to be able to get out outside and walk with my dogs, go on hiking adventures, workout, and enjoy life without pain. I don’t want to get up and start the day limping when I can instead bounce out of bed and thank God for another new day filled with new adventures. I am so glad that I have the right foundation. I hope that you also have the right foundation. Here’s to your second half, best half! Happy Feet!

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