My Three Favorite Oils

Essential oils have become very popular over the years. Many people like to get diffusers or they purchase oils for topical use. With the popularity increase, there’s been an increase in those selling oils. It is so important for you to read labels and ensure you are buying and using good quality oils. Oils should come in brown glass jars so it keeps the integrity of the oil. You should seek out pure oils. I am certainly a big fan of oils and these are my three favorites:

My most favorite essential oil is tea tree oil. I’ve used it as an antiseptic for minor cuts. Not only does it clean the cut, but it helps the wound heal. I have even applied it to irritated skin to help with irritation and inflammation, including bug bites. I put it on my toe nails daily before I put on my socks because it is helpful in the removal of nail fungus. I don’t have fungus issues, but perhaps this is why. It’s supposed to also help ward off athlete’s foot too. My shampoo includes tea tree oil. It keeps your scalp nice and healthy, and they say it discourages lice.

Another oil I love using is castor oil. I specifically get Queen of the Thrones Organic Castor Oil. Castor oil is a deep penetrating oil. I typically use a wrap and put a tablespoon of castor oil on the wrap to wear for hours, or even overnight. You can place the wrap over your liver to aid with detoxification. I have also placed it over my stomach and intestines. This can be helpful for bloating, constipation, or leaky gut issues. The reason I initially purchased the castor oil was to get help with balancing my hormones. Another benefit of castor oil is to aid with joint pain, as you can rub the castor oil on your joints to reduce inflammation. You can also use it on your eye brows or eye lashes to promote growth. It can be used to help soften and heal cracked feet. You simply apply to your feet and wear socks. It also helps with stretch marks. One of the benefits I enjoy from the castor oil is how it promotes a deep sleep. I have gotten some of my best sleep wearing my castor oil wrap. Sometimes I just put my overnight castor wrap on simple so I can get a good night’s sleep.

Argan oil is also a favorite of mine. I have used shampoo that contained argan oil in the past, but the reason I purchase argan oil most is to use for my face as it is a great natural moisturizer. I specifically get the NOW Solutions Argan Oil. The oil makes your skin so soft as it helps your skin to stay balanced. Some say it is anti-aging. All I know is that I sometimes find myself touching my face just to feel how soft my skin feels from using the argan oil. You can also use the oil for your nails, hair, scalp, and skin. Argan oil also has anti-inflammatory properties like tea tree oil and castor oil. 

I do use other oils often. For example, I have the Neti Stick which includes peppermint, eucalyptus, and lavender oils. This is an aromatherapy inhaler that can be used to help relieve a stuffy nose, but it also can give you a boost of energy or calm you down. I additionally use NOW Solutions Sweet Almond Oil. It’s a moisturizing oil but I use it as a carrier oil to dilute the tea tree oil for usage.

These are some of the oils I use daily. As always, I am not providing any medical advice. Please contact your doctor for any medical advice. I’m sharing my experience and my preferences with essential oils as used as part of my second half best half journey.

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