About Tania

She may remind you of a wind up toy, as Tania Gutekunst is a talkative introvert who unanimously earned the title of “Most Talkative Senior” for her high school class. She is a bit loud and off-the-wall and has a sense of humor most do not follow. Her down-to-earth writing and speaking, mixed with relatable analogies help others get a better grasp of God’s Word. 

Tania founded FearNot Ministries to provide free ministry resources including daily devotions, Bible studies, sermon outlines, and teaching outlines. The mission for FearNot Ministries is “All about connecting. All about Jesus.” FearNot Ministries has reached over 45,000 people in over 100 countries. 

As an author, Tania’s most recognized work is the Daily Good devotion series. Tania uses everyday observations of her own life to connect you to God’s Word. The purpose of these books is to help others grow in their faith and to point readers to Jesus, to encourage people to read and dig deep into the Word of God.

Tania received two Bachelor of Arts degrees from John Wesley University, majoring in Christian Ministry and Biblical Studies. She graduated Summa Cum Laude and was her class Salutatorian. She has completed additional studies with Millersville University, Dallas Theological Seminary, and Hillsdale College. Tania is a lifetime student and continues to seek out learning opportunities.

Tania has spent most of her life working in service oriented positions engaging with people of all ages. Tania spent a decade working in long-term care facilities, caring for geriatric people and those with disabilities. Tania has worked in the community in areas of office administration, web site design and management, and marketing. She served as Teaching Pastor at Damaskus Road Community Church. Her experience also includes service in the areas of Children’s Ministry, Outreach, Missions, Youth Ministry and Adult Ministry. Tania has appeared on both radio and television. She is a Certified SYMBIS Assessment Facilitator who offers pre-marriage counseling and marriage counseling.

To learn more about Tania, CONNECT WITH TANIA

Behind the Fearnot Ministries & TG Logos

Back in 2011, Tania created an online ministry presence which began as a Facebook page to share Scripture and encouraging words which she called “God’s Word is Comforting.” Shortly thereafter, Tania was led to write devotions she shared on WordPress, as well as short inspirational videos on YouTube. The ministry grew into what today is FearNot Ministries.

Initially the logo for FearNot Ministries was a photo of Tania’s favorite spot. In time, Tania used her gift for drawing and designed a logo for FearNot Ministries. This logo design included five figures representing the five purposes of church: worship, ministry, discipleship, mission, and fellowship. Along with the logo, Tania included the mission: All about connecting. All about Jesus.

In 2013, a family friend cleaned up the logo to aid in the ability to clearly and effectively market the ministry for events. In 2021, Tania’s daughter Jessica, the main illustrator of Mad Master Designs, updated the logo for a fresher look to take the ministry into a new season. Additionally, she assisted with my TG logo. To see what Jessica can offer you from a branding standpoint or for any custom work, please connect with Jessica.

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