About Tania

Tania has spent much of her life focused on the goal of healthy living — physically, mentally, and spiritually healthy living. She spent a decade working in long-term care nursing facilities, caring for geriatric people and those with disabilities. She managed social media for a medical supply company and she served as Teaching Pastor at Damaskus Road Community Church. Tania has appeared on both radio and television. She is a Certified SYMBIS Assessment Facilitator who offers pre-marriage counseling and marriage counseling.

Tania began FearNot Ministries to provide free ministry resources including daily devotions, Bible studies, sermon outlines, and teaching outlines. As an author, Tania’s most recognized work is the Daily Good devotion series. She uses everyday observations of her own life to connect you to God’s Word.

Tania began Second Half, Best Half to share her journey, taking 40+ years of knowledge to live the best yet — physically, mentally, and spiritually! Tania’s aim is always focused on improving upon the self to be the best self, the whole self we were always meant to become.

Tania graduated Summa Cum Laude when she received her Bachelor of Arts degree in Christian Ministry at John Wesley University. She has completed additional studies with Millersville University, Dallas Theological Seminary, and Hillsdale College. Tania is a lifetime student and continues to seek out learning opportunities.

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We were never meant to do life alone. If you would like to connect, please feel free to introduce yourself. I look forward to hearing from you!

You are most welcome to contact me via email or to connect with me via social media. Together, we can even dig into the Word deeper via Plans with Friends thanks to the YouVersion Bible app.

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