Hello. Guten Tag.

I hope that this website can point you in the direction of healthy living — physically, mentally, and spiritually healthy living.

FearNot Ministries was created to provide free ministry resources including daily devotions that use everyday observations of life to connect you to God’s Word.

Second Half, Best Half was created to share a journey, taking 40+ years of knowledge to live the best yet — physically, mentally, and spiritually!

Most Recent Posts

For His Sake

I often hear it said that God loves us so He saved us. It’s true. We read in John 3:16: “For God so loved the world, that He gave His only Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have eternal life” (ESV). He loves us. He saves us. However, we need to…

Good AND Adversity

Life is full of good and bad, of pleasant and unpleasant. The moments in life we enjoy are good and pleasant. We love those moments. We celebrate those moments. We wish life was all about these moments. The adversity, the unpleasant moments, are not as well received. Certainly, we want one and not the other:…

An Alliance

Whenever I think of an alliance, I cannot help but remember the episode of The Office. Dwight Schrute decides to form an alliance with Jim Halpert to combat the threats of downsizing. Eventually, Pam Beesly becomes involved in this alliance, which turns out to be just another Jim Halpert prank. This episode of the Office…

Flatter Me

We all want to hear good things about ourselves. Your hair looks nice. Your shirt is amazing. I love the way you decorated your home. This food tastes wonderful. Compliments are great and often we do not receive enough of this positive encouragement.  Flattery is different than compliments. Flattery is insincere, typically given to someone…

Being Right

There’s a song by Katy Nichole that is called, “Things I Wish I Would’ve Said.” One lyric that kept standing out to me is “What if neither one of us was right.” I kept thinking about this lyric. Imagine if we would think about this when we are engaging with our friends and family? What…


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