Abundant Harvest

My daughter has a Russian Tortoise. I decided to attempt to grow dandelions indoors for him for the winter. The seeds were planted and we are already seeing some growth. Remember, what you plant, you reap. This is important to consider in every area of life. The words you speak have power; the tongue brings … Continue reading Abundant Harvest

Hair Blessings

https://www.instagram.com/p/BGz26gRleVE For about six years, my daughter has been growing her hair. Everyone always compliments her on her hair. They love the natural highlights, the curls, the red hair. Years ago, she found out that she could donate her hair to an organization who would give it to someone who lost their hair from cancer … Continue reading Hair Blessings

Grain on the Waters

In Ecclesiastes, we read about casting our bread on waters. In doing so, it will be found after many days. We are also advised to not stand around observing the wind instead of sowing the seed. If you haven’t figured it out yet, the Bible gives us great wisdom for handling money and making investments. … Continue reading Grain on the Waters

One That Waters

Abraham was blessed to be a blessing. Oftentimes I find myself remembering this truth. We too are blessed to be a blessing. When we realize that we have been blessed by God, and that nothing is ours, but rather everything is His, then naturally this blessing should flow through our fingers and bless others. This … Continue reading One That Waters