Creator of All

Read Psalm 86. God is amazing. There are many days when I look around and I am caught up in the beauty of everything around me. Yes, often we can drift away from seeing the beauty, and we notice the things of the world that are broken. We see the trash blowing down the highway. … Continue reading Creator of All

Handmade Intimacy

There is something special about handmade items. I have handmade scarves I received as gifts. I treasure them because I know that the person who crafted these pieces carefully selected the yarn, dedicated countless hours of creation, and made it specifically for me. I have paintings displayed in my home—paintings that started as a vision … Continue reading Handmade Intimacy

A Living Spirited Dance

Dancing is not something I am good at doing but some of my fondest memories are dancing on the kitchen floor with my children’s feet upon mine. They loved to have our evening dance session. We would put the music up loud and dance for nearly an hour each evening before I did the dishes.Paul … Continue reading A Living Spirited Dance