How do you make decisions in life? What are your top priorities? If someone hears your words or observes your actions, what would the person say motivates you? What drives you? What keeps you focused? What moves you? What can make you change your mind? What can cause you to rethink something or to do … Continue reading Moved

Melodies of Praise

Things do not always go your way. As a parent, I remember when my kids would be upset because they couldn’t have a snack before dinner. As you get older, you begin to develop a nasty habit—complaining. We complain about things not going our way. We complain about the traffic. We complain because the food … Continue reading Melodies of Praise

Curb Cut

Until recently, I never knew what a curb cut meant. I actually have two curb cuts that I clear of snow and ice every winter season. Over the years, I have called them ramps as I tried desperately to ensure that the winter mayhem was removed from their presence. The main objective in my mind … Continue reading Curb Cut