I hope that this website can point you in the direction of healthy living — physically, mentally, and spiritually healthy living.

FearNot Ministries was created to provide free ministry resources including daily devotions that use everyday observations of life to connect you to God’s Word.

Second Half, Best Half was created to share a journey, taking 40+ years of knowledge to live the best yet — physically, mentally, and spiritually!

Most Recent Posts

Engaged and Attentive

I had three years of class in the Spanish language. There was a time when I was able to hold down a conversation in Spanish. However, today if we would have a conversation in Spanish, I would only grasp some words here or there. I don’t think being able to say “door” and “window” will … Continue reading Engaged and Attentive

They Matter Nothing

It seems everyone wants to point out the differences of others. Rather than acknowledging, respecting, and admiring each other and our differences, many people take aim to use our differences against us. There is this constant battle with politics and the media to point out our differences and to put us in a race war … Continue reading They Matter Nothing

Original Intent

A few weeks ago, I got into a theological conversation with some young ladies on the street while dog walking with my neighbor. I was on Main Street enjoying the evening sun when I noticed the sisters and said hello, not knowing that these women were on a mission to share the Good News. As … Continue reading Original Intent


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