Our Hope Outline

Sunrise Service 4.1.18

Sunrise – Points to Hope

1 Peter 1:3

Living Hope Through the Resurrection of Jesus Christ

Sunrise – Shines Above the Darkness

Romans 7:18-24

Wretched Sinner Asking Question…



Sunrise – New Day

            Lamentations 3:22-24

                        New mercies each day – Fresh start… Keep stepping forward!

Rest in Future Hope

            Isaiah 60:20

LORD the everlasting light – no need for sun/moon, no more mourning

Let us praise Him – Let us make a JOYFUL NOISE TO THE LORD

            Psalm 98:1-3

                        The LORD has made known His salvation…

                        … All the needs of the earth have seen the salvation of God

                                    HIS NAME IS JESUS!

                                    HE IS RISEN!!

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