What is Good

The Bible tells us not to neglect to do what is good. Hebrews 13:16 says: “Don’t neglect to do what is good and to share, for God is pleased with such sacrifices” (CSB). As we are doing life, we should be holding everything we do or say to the good standard. Would I be doing something good? Would I be speaking something good? If it is not good, is this still something I should be doing or saying?

It seems simple, right? Yet, we find ourselves struggling with this time and time again. When we are faced with doing or speaking something good to someone we dislike, we would rather remain silent and avoid the person. When we have the opportunity to do something good, we make excuses or pick the good that we will do and who will will do the good to as well. I call this selective good.

Another problem that keeps us from doing good is not always selective good, but indifference or a lack of attention. We honestly lack compassion at times. With all the busyness of the world, we may not be fully present and paying attention to the opportunities God has placed before us; we may be focused elsewhere. Think about how many times you are in public but on your phone.

Today, consider how you can do good. When you are in public, try to keep off of your phone. Engage with others. Ask God to lead you. Keep your eyes and your heart open. Don’t neglect to do what is good.

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