Seeds of Light

Today’s verse begins by stating that God sows seeds of light on righteous people. This verse is a great reminder that if we obey the Lord, the light will be sown. He reveals to us the way to press forward. He reveals to us His deep and hidden mysteries (Ephesians 1:9, Colossians 1:26). He reveals to us His truths (John 17:17). He shows us the way to go, the way to live, and the way of life (Proverbs 3:1-2).

Right now we are experiencing a lot of turbulence in life. Things have been so shaken in the world by a pandemic, and we are witnessing turmoil all around us. The truth has become whatever you decide, whatever makes you happy, whatever a particular group states. There is little seeking of truth. People, even Christians, have been blinded by pride and fear, and have taken a different path. There is also a great deal of poor witness — people not appearing as God’s lovers at all — who are pressing onward in a path not illuminated by God, but instead by their own agendas. 

Let us pray and continue to seek Him with obedient hearts. As we are reminded today, “He sows seeds of light within His lovers.” Thank God for His seeds of light. If you are considered His lover, you can be assured that you will be shown the path best for you. If you are not sure if you are in fact God’s lover, check your priorities, your focus, your words and deeds. A lover of God seeks God’s kingdom above all else (Matthew 6:33). A lover of God is focused on God (Jeremiah 29:13, Philippians 3:15-21). A lover of God will be known by their words and deeds (Colossians 3:17). 

“For He sows seeds of light within His lovers, and seeds of joy burst forth for the lovers of God!” – Psalm 97:11 [TPT]

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