Seeds of Joy

Yesterday, we looked at how God “sows seeds of light within His lovers.” We looked at what it means to be a lover of God and the promise of revelation and guidance from God. Today, we will look at the “seeds of joy (which) burst forth for the lovers of God.” 

The verse notes that those with an upright heart, with pure motives, will experience the gladness, also translated as seeds of joy. This joy, which is not based on circumstance or merit, bursts forth. It cannot be contained. The word “burst” makes me think of something uncontrollably spilling out, perhaps because of a sudden impact or break. 

I remember one winter when I neglected to turn off the outside water line because I didn’t know it was something that was necessary. In the middle of the winter, I went outside to find that the outside water pipe burst. Water was gushing everywhere and freezing upon impact. This gushing water, this burst that caused the outpouring is what we are promised. Joy that bursts forth. If this isn’t something you are experiencing right now, pray for discernment. Consider if you are a lover of God, and if so, what needs to be refocused, realigned, redeemed by the Father.

“For He sows seeds of light within His lovers, and seeds of joy burst forth for the lovers of God!” – Psalm 97:11 [TPT]

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